We design AI technologies to help real people to solve real problems.

In the long run, a combination of device-centric AI and decentralized learning will make AI more democratic and widespread than ever before.

Your Own AI-ID

Create your own Artificial Inteligence-ID

We believe that in order to develop any technology, we have to project the perfect human-to-human experience, without complexity, transparent, and that helps people live their life in totality.

We believe in real people, for us our technology only helps to awaken the potential of each person, helping to do wonderful things for world. Connecting experiences and synthesize new intelligences.

We believe in augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it.

Technologies can make life easier but never, replace our essence. It’s clear that today world needs more agility, scale, and speed to solve its own problems. Because of that, we’re working hard in order to create a new kind of technologies and ‘extend mind’ to a whole new frontier. A frontier full of new abilities and new ways of learning. We want to help people to profoundly change to better conditions the way we live today.

We’re uncomfortably ambitious, creating every day world-changing ideas.

The people in Nindoo don’t just create technologies – we’re create meanings in universe. Passion, Purpose, Freedom. Freedom to be yourself. Your ideas, your style, your dreams. Diversity of those people and their ideas inspire innovations. New ideas for make a huge positive impact on people’s lives. The most powerful technology should be accessible to everyone. It’s one of our core beliefs.

Help build this evolution. We are on a journey from inspiration to change. Be part of “the change” generation era.

For general recruitment inquiries, please contact careers@nindoo.ai.