Working at Nindoo

The generation of change.


Hello! We at Nindoo would like you join us at our revolution.

We design AI technologies to help real people to solve real problems. Our mission is to bring AI power to billions of people through an intuitive and easy to use platform. We want to allow anyone to improve their skills by creating their own personalized AI, even with no technical knowledge.

The world is changing faster than ever before. It is much harder now to expect where the new innovations provided by technology will take us next. Which is why we must catch up. We must innovate the factor that will influence all the other variables. We must innovate ourselves.

It is easy to see how Artificial Intelligence is changing our daily lives. It’s almost impossible to imagine going about our lives without using search engines to help us study, online services to bring us the news or equipment to carry out financial transactions. But there are many who are unable to take advantage of the enormous and exponentially growing capacity these tools have of solving problems. And without them, while the developed world thrives, they live in hunger, sick or at war. As people who know how AI can completely turn this situation around, we have not only the potential, but the responsibility of making it accessible, easy to use and, most of all, inclusive.

Tolstoy has already warned us: “Everybody thinks of changing the world, and nobody thinks of changing themselves”. And we take heed. The revolution is not a matter of economy. It is not a matter politics. It is not a matter of who you are. It is a matter of who you want to be. And as so it requires us to change our minds. To see the world differently. To think differently. The revolution is inside.

We have recruited people who know the need for change is undeniable and who want to be at the forefront of this expedition. So come aboard. Sail with us towards a better future for everyone. 

  • 01.
    • No system is reliable if it doesn’t have solid foundations. Those foundations are what our Research Scientists are always running after, most of the time literally. It’s no surprise that the field of AI technology and Machine Learning is in constant development, so we must be able to keep up with the updates on data and information on the subject.
  • 02.
    • When a specific need is identified, we have to get our hands dirty. That’s the work our Project Engineers focus on, designing and building the tools and programs that will carry on the solutions we want to offer.
  • 03.
    Impact Analysis
    • While sometimes the problems society may present are clear for anyone to see, the way they may be related to each other is a problem in itself. That’s why we need our Impact Engineers to look out at how our work is affecting the real-world and make sure we are providing the most effective and overreaching help we can.
  • 04.
    • No techonology can ever expect to help others if only the people who made them can use them. So we have our Accessibility Managers reviewing our platforms and projects to tell whether they could be easily used by someone who doesn’t have technical knowledge or require some work on making them more intuitive.

Innovation space

Nindoo is a startup resident of the world’s first Facebook innovation center, Estação Hack, with Artemisia acceleration program. Out of 1970 startups, Nindoo is among the 10 chosen to acceleration by Facebook.