Introducing Nindoo Platform

We’re creating the next-generation of human-centered decentralized AI

Nindoo proposes a new concept of autonomous decentralized architecture named “Dimensions”. With your own AI-ID, this new approach will help you to orchestrate multi-agents, called “the little-blocks” through a huge and scalable multidimensional group of layers and then support you to solve your real-life challenges.

Dimensions are like life areas interconnected – transferring each available learning with each other through AI for you.

Dimensions as an autonomous decentralized architecture help you to orchestrate self-organized multi-agents – the “little blocks” – and to solve your problem. It allows you to built your own AI-ID and to contribute with different solutions and suggestions in an evolutionary process. Nindoo is totally dedicated to supporting you to make the change in your own life and, why not, to the world.

Get your own AI-ID